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ETSI ITS Plugtests 2016 

Fall 2016 turns to be interesting for Intelligent Transport Systems in Tuscany.

ETSI has lanched the ITS Plugtests featuring the first live trial at the European scope. The kick-off event took place in Florence at the premises of the Tuscan Regional Government on September 20th.

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The experimetation will take place in a large scale infrastructure encompassing the settlement of the sea port of Livorno and the Livorno - Florence highway together with its Traffic Control Center.  


The companies going to experiment their ITS solutions in Livorno from November 9th to November 18th are listed below:





Finally ERTICO has invited Sebastian Muller (ETSI) and Paolo Pagano (CNIT) to publicly discuss the Plugtests during a webinar organized by the Compass 4D collaboration.


Contacts: Paolo Pagano (CNIT)Sebastian Muller (ETSI)


Online resources: