MOVE-EYE is an advanced On-Board Unit implementing functionality for in-vehicle networking and communication protocols for interoperating with the road-side network.

The main features of the device are:

  • MCU: the core of the system is a 400 MHz clock speed ARM9 processor from Atmel. The processor is directly connected by specifics bus to non-volatile storage modules hosting the operating system;
  • wireless communication interface: the wireless device is the commercial component WUBR-506N from Ralink. The device supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n;   
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) interface: for the in-car integration the selected CAN bus controller is the MCP2515 from Microchip and ISO1050 from Texas Instruments, connected to the microprocessor by means of a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus;
  • memory: non-volatile storage memories based on Secure Digital (SD) cards;
  • General Purpose Input Output (GPIO): several GPIO devices have been installed in the board for debugging purposes.



MOVE-EYE has been presented in 2011 at The Fully Networked Car Workshop organized by ITU within the International Car Show in Geneva.


In our research activities we adopted MOVE-EYE for:

  • Implementing communication protocols aimed at aggregating data coming from the car ECB components;
  • test V2X connectivity in diversified scenarios;
  • prototype Model-Driven applications with no-safety critical specifications.



Credits: Riccardo Pelliccia, Marco Ghibaudi, and Matteo Petracca