Real Time Networks group has actively collaborated in a two years telecommunication project involving the CNIT Ultra-Fast-All-Optical Subsytems group and the Ericsson Optical & Metro R&D division.

The Ultra-Fast-All-Optical Subsytems group is working on state-of-the-art telecommunication technologies and it is largely accredited among optical communication research community. Ericsson is the world’s biggest supplier of mobile networks, and a strong player in core networks, microwave transport, Internet Protocol (IP) networks and fixed-access solutions for copper and fiber.

The target of this collaboration was the design of an FPGA-based receiver to be coupled with 100Gbps transmitter to enable a full ultra high speed duplex link. The design process followed an abstract functional design approach, that made possible the development of high-level logic, decoupled from any specific hardware instantiation. The group worked on the Mathworks Simulink simulation framework, made use of automatic HDL translation tools, and implemented the internally developed advanced Digital Signal Processing algorithms on a real FPGA.

The joint activities have been kicked off on January 2009 and have been concluded with excellent results on December 2011.


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