Cloud of Sensors and Programming Abstractions

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the vision of a global network of interconnected objects. Small, low cost, resource-constrained embedded devices are part of sensors/actuators networks with applications in the fields of industrial and home automation, ITS, smart cities, and environmental monitoring. 

 Programming abstraction

Ease of programming is the main limiting factor for IoT. Programming abstractions help programmers to develop applications for IoT systems, hiding distribution and communication details. We consider the problems of Macroprogramming and In-network processing for the IoT, focusing on the design of a flexible and reconfigurable architecture.


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Cloud of Sensors

We consider large-scale network of embedded systems as part of larger computing infrastructure, following the cloud model. Large Scale WSN deployment require development of solutions for storing and reasoning about the potentially huge amounts of data they would generate. In our vision sensors stream data to cloud-based storage systems, the data are them made available for offline and quasi-online analysis, possibly using the output of the computation to inject a feedback to the environment.