Contiki porting on PIC32 (SEED-EYE BOARD)

Giovanni Pellerano (CNIT)
Daniele Alessandrelli (SSSA)


This project aims at porting the Contiki OS to Microchip PIC32 microcontroller based boards and has been effectively used by defining a new Contiki platform for the SEED-EYE Board.

SEED-EYE, designed by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Evidence Srl., is an advanced Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network node specifically thought for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs) applications.

The board has been widely used in IPERMOB, a research project on ITS funded by the Tuscan Regional Board through the European Regional Development Fund recently ended in June 2011. The IPERMOB project proposes a pervasive and heterogeneous infrastructure.

More details on the board can be found on the Seed-Eye project page.

Currently the following device drivers have been developed:

  • MRF24J40B Radio driver
  • SPI driver
  • UART driver
  • SLIP driver
  • LED driver
  • GPIO driver

This platform, together with Contiki, has been used to early prototype a 6LoWPAN ITS Station (ITS-S) extending CALM ITS-S architecture to WSN nodes. Basing the design on the Internet of Things (IoT) concepts, a complete CoAP stack has been used and tested for a set of functions related to distributed sensing and 6LoWPAN networking.





Github repository:


The Seed-Eye application notesrepository: SEED-EYE Apps