Andrea Azzarà (SSSA)


PyoT is an IoT Django-based web application and macroprogramming interface.

PyoT puts together Django, Celery, libcoap:

  • Allows remote management of an IoT based network. (6LoWPAN, CoAP)
  • CoAP resources, 6LoWPAN nodes are abstracted as high-level Django models objects
  • Provides a nice interface to interact with CoAP resources
  • Enables macroprogramming, using Django shell
  • Provides an automatic event handling system (e.g., toggle an actuator when a notification is received from a sensor node)

PyoT comes with a Contiki Cooja simulation for local testing.

Source code

The source code of PyoT is hosted on Github.


For further information feel free to contact Andrea Azzarà at: a.azzara [AT]